Best of DOODLE: 3:40 AM

Matching poetry with intricate doodles is a signature CBK move. The poem is interpreted by the doodle. One day we’ll try this formula the other way around.

Poem by Kyle Kaplan - kkaplan@smith.edu doodle ©Luigi Scarcella

From Cover 2

Doodle ©Luigi Scarcella

This is how I want your lips.
I want them blackstrap molasses
And when I kiss you,
I want to taste the six train bogs
where you
Listened to men
Play music on paint cans,
And sing songs in broken Portuguese.
I will not give you fennel or columbine,
Or the violets that, “withered all when my
Father died.” I will press your face between
The pages of star and rum,
And underneath your name will read:
“This is what it means to be a water stain
A shadow without a body.”

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