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Digitized Meditation Sessions Become Brain-Powered Art

“Biomediation” compares the brain to an art creation machine.

By Ross Brooks - Source:

Photo © Biomediation

Photo © Biomediation

Biomediation is a performance project that tracks a performer’s brainwaves while they meditated, and turns the neural activity into a piece of stunning visual art. Joao Beira and Yago de Quay use an EEG headset to capture the cognitive and emotional experiences, which are then translated into sound and video compositions.

In addition to the EEG headset, the project uses a complicated system that integrates the mind of the user with a depth-sensor camera that is based on technology very similar to the Xbox Kinect.

“This technology lets you actually use your brain and thoughts as an interface for creative content to establish a way to express sounds and visualizations,” said Beira in an interview with the Daily Texan

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