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Kara Walker’s ‘A Subtlety’ unveiled

Giant sphinx-lady sculpture inside Domino Sugar factory is not-so-sweet relief

By Sarha Iannone - Source:
Art © Kara Walker

Art © Kara Walker

This artist is making the inside of the Domino Sugar factory bittersweet, with an emphasis on the bitter.

On May 10 globally recognized artist Kara Walker will present her first large-scale public project, “A Subtlety,” the centerpiece of which is an enormous, sugar-coated sphinx-woman. The sculpture is evocative of an enslaved woman in the Southern U.S. and is meant to be an ode to the laborers who toiled in cane fields and made corporate sugar empires like Domino possible, a theme that fits right into Walker’s oeuvre and the building’s history, an organizer of the exhibition said.

“With Kara’s history of addressing issues of trade, slavery, power, labor, and more, this couldn’t be a better match between artist and site,” said Anne Pasternak, president and artistic director of Creative Time, which commissioned the site-specific work.

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