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Spiritual practice meets street art in artist’s extraordinary sand paintings

Mangrum has created over 650 pieces that have been seen in both galleries and in public places like NYC’s Union Square and beyond.

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Photo © Joe Mangrum

Photo © Joe Mangrum

Painting with sand is an evocative art that has been practiced by Australian aborigines to South Indian women who make them as part of local festivals. In particular, Tibetan Buddhist monks are masters of this colourful art, creating breathtaking circular sand mandalas that are ultimately brushed into a river, to symbolize the impermanence of all things.

Synthesizing elements of traditional sand painting in his work, New York City-based sculptor and artist Joe Mangrum uses not only coloured sand in his large-scale, freeform sand paintings, but also flowers, wheatgrass, food and other found objects like computer parts.

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One Response to “Spiritual practice meets street art in artist’s extraordinary sand paintings”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Sand painting is rlaley very exciting and I love it very much. I have taken training for sand painting from my cousin because he is master of sand painting. In fact I have recently made one awesome painting in public place for some functions over there.