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Somebody Made a Cronut Hamburger, Everyone Can Just Go Home Now

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You’ve heard of a Cronut. You’ve probably heard of Umami Burger, the west coast-based fast casual burger chain that’s just made its New York City debut. Chances are you’ve even heard of a Luther (“donut-bun”) hamburger before, but we still recommend you pipe down and take a seat because our friends over at First We Feast are about to blow your freaking mind.

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They asked what would happen if you cut open Dominique Ansel’s infamous Cronut (already a hybrid) and stuffed it with the patty and fillings of an Umami burger, and then sent their intern Matthew Schonfeld to do the dirty work. You can read his whole snappily-written play-by-play here, but just know it involved getting off on the wrong train stop, waiting in line at 6 in the morning, getting accosted by a homeless guy and finally, nearly six hours later, biting into the “ultimate triumph of hype-on-hype-on-hype, fat-on-fat-on-fat, zero-fucks-given, brunch-on-dinner-on-dessert #hashtag feeding frenzy,” ever.

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Schonfeld writes, “To my surprise, the flavors melded well. The blackberry filling sweetened the savory Umami flavoring. As my waitress told me, ‘It looks like a heart attack on a plate.’ I corrected her, ‘A little sweeter than a heart attack.’”

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