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The Largest Meal in the World is a Whole Camel Stuffed with a Lamb Stuffed with Chicken, AKA Foodception

If your stomach isn’t hiding somewhere between your throat and the nearest trash can right now, we’re impressed…

By Erika Grant - Source:
Photo © Today I found Out

Photo © Today I found Out

You’d think that being able to say “I just ate an entire roasted camel” would be hardcore enough to win you a permanent #1 spot in the Iron Stomach Hall of Fame. But you’d be wrong. No, turns out that just eating an entire camel is for wusses and the kind of people who still need mommy and daddy to cut their steak into nice, bite-sized pieces. If you truly want to earn the title, that camel better be stuffed with a lamb. And that lamb better be stuffed with some chickens. And those chickens absolutely must be stuffed with fish, or maybe a few dozen eggs if you’re feeling creative. Basically, you don’t come close to being a hardcore eater unless you’re a Bedouin Sheikh — because then fish within chickens within lamb within an entire freaking camel would just be your default party dish.

That’s right, folks. The nomadic Arabic group known as the Bedouin have been effortlessly dominating the Supersized Meal Game since the Guinness Book of World Records named the dish “the largest item on any menu in the world.” Everyone who thinks that the Western world has the monopoly on supersizing food has to admit that even the calorie-packed 7×7 Steakburger is a blip on this massive meal’s radar. The traditional Bedouin dish is prepared for wedding feasts and special parties, and the cooking instructions are very strict about making sure you boil the camel for the correct length of time — probably in a small jacuzzi or some kind of natural hot spring, since we’re pretty sure they don’t sell camel-sized pots at Ikea.

If your stomach isn’t hiding somewhere between your throat and the nearest trash can right now, we’re impressed — our stomachs made a break for it as soon as we got far enough into the planning process to envision stuffing an entire lamb up a camel’s butt while preparing this dish. Yeah. Just let that image marinate for a sec. Bedouin Sheikhs? We have a lot of respect for your camel munching game.

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