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5 Top New Eco Online Boutiques: Ethical Fashion At Your Finger Tips

Ethical, eco-fashion is now more accessible than ever before. Here are the top 5 new eco fashion online boutiques.

By Juliette Donatelli - Source:
Photo © Modavanti

Photo © Modavanti

We are more aware than ever before about where our clothes come from, who makes them, and how to better care for them. Fashion designers are implementing conscious and creative ways to create clothing that benefit people and the planet. And access to these styles are on the rise too.

Online boutiques like Beklina, A Boy Named Sue and Kaight have been around for a while, but now, with the new eco boutiques listed ones below, an even greater selection of sharply curated ethical products are right at your finger tips.

1. Rêve en Vert

Rêve en Vert is based in the UK and one of our favorite new eco online boutiques. Founder Cora Hilts and Natasha Tucker stocks “independent who weave ethics into their collections.” Selling some of the best labels like Isabell de Hillerin to A Peace Treaty, Rêve en Vert is truly a green dream.

2. Modavanti

Started by journalist turned fashion CEO, David Dietz, Modavanti is a hip sustainable fashion online boutique stocking everything from sunglasses to sundresses. Modavanti provides unique sustainability badges for customers to make it clear what sustainability value the product they are purchasing relates to–energy efficient, fairly traded and U.S. made are some of the buttons of the Modavanti badge system. Modavanti recently started selling vintage clothing on their store too. Modavanti also donates 2 percent of every sale to one of their three partners: Nest, Charity: Water and Manufacture New York.

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