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6 Emerging Eco-Friendly Brands at Designers & Agents Los Angeles

If you’re a green fashion lover in the L.A. area, don’t miss your chance to check out these rising sustainable brands…

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Photo  © Ecouterre

Photo © Ecouterre

It seems like just yesterday that Ecouterre was reporting live from Designers & Agents New York, but now the premiere fashion tradeshow has taken its Green Room of emerging eco-designers to Los Angeles, where they’ll be stationed through June 12, 2013. If you’re a green fashion lover in the L.A. area, don’t miss your chance to check out these rising sustainable brands, which will be holding court at the New Mart Building— or click through our slideshow to see them all.

Designers & Agents L.A. New Mart Building
27 E. 9th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015


Photo  © Surplus

Photo © Surplus


As its name implies, Surplus specializes in jewelry made from unwanted scraps of steel and other discarded items. Harriet McNamara creates all of her pieces by hand, transforming found materials into stories worth wearing.

Photo  © Terhi Pölkki

Photo © Terhi Pölkki


Helsinki-based designer Terhi Pölkki infuses her line of vegan-leather shoes with pops of unexpected color and fun patterns. Made in Portugal, the brand has a minimalist aesthetic that focuses on quality materials combined in a bold, almost futuristic manner.

Photo  © Specialty Dry Goods

Photo © Specialty Dry Goods


Specialty Dry Goods keeps unnecessary waste out of the landfill by turning castoff textiles into quality accessories. Edie Kahula Pereira makes use of a range of materials such as remnant cotton canvas, surplus denim, vegetable-tanned hide, and American-grown organic wool fill to create long-lasting purses, clutches and pouches.

Photo  © Sylvia Heisel

Photo © Sylvia Heisel


Using experimental materials such as Tyvek, eco-felt, and reflective glass beads, visual artist Sylvia Heisel pushes the envelope with her futuristic garments and accessories. “I’m inspired by all the new materials, manufacturing processes, and abilities that new technologies are making possible in fashion,” she says. “But they’re all useless if we can’t close the loop and sustain the environment.

Photo  © Kameleonik

Photo © Kameleonik


Kameleonik specializes in casual, comfortable, and natural espadrilles made out of leather and jute. All its shoes are adhesive-free and handmade in Spain.

Photo  ©State

Photo ©State


Adrienne Antonson launched State during a stint on an alpaca farm on an island in the Northwest. Her clothing, which honors a thoughtful and handcrafted approach to fashion embodies a “farm to hanger” ethos. Using deconstructed materials, organic cotton, and U.S-grown alpaca wool, State’s American-made basics are as functional as they are a joy to behold.

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