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Bergwerk Breathes New Life into Recyclable Materials from Rags to Riches

Brooklyn based brand, Bergwerk, is setting the tone for a more eco-friendly fashion industry with its environmentally positive approach of scouring the city to find recyclable materials that can be magically transformed into a completely unique garment.

By Lauren Carfagno - Source:
Photo © Bergwerk

Photo © Bergwerk

Established in 2013, through the ingenious mind of Gertrude Berg, Bergwerk is the culmination of an ecological metamorphosis. In a simpler phrase, take the old and make it new. Berg grew up in Austria and crossed the pond to study at the School of Fine Arts in Boston where she obtained an arts degree. She took an interest in sculpture, which inspired her original take on shape and the idea of reusing components that are already in existence. New York City is littered, for lack of a better word, with recyclable materials that most people bypass regularly. It’s encouraging to see brands such as Bergwerk take a second glance and envision someone else’s “waste” as something better, something refreshed.

Upon hunting down discarded fabrics from the fashion industry, the formerly hopeless textiles are salvaged and repurposed into a brand new garment. The soul of Bergwerk’s transformation process is behind Berg’s influence of the city and the art of sculpture resulting in avant-garde layering and precise stitch-work. There are no other alterations made to each individual piece besides the stitching, which means there is no extra cutting of the fabric. Just like in centuries past, the practice of utilizing all of something still rings true today in Bergwerk’s designs. Nothing is left to waste.

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