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Cork Accessories: Renewable, Waterproof, Biodegradable and Chic

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Photo © Cork Design

Cork Design’s Le Pouch bag. Photo © Cork Design

After spotting a gorgeous cork handbag at Brooklyn Flea (which was just a one-off by a handbag designer there), I have become a bit obsessed with the material. It’s not just for wedges/heels anymore, but a natural material with a soft touch and an understated pattern.

And cork is ultra-sustainable since it’s harvested from naturally growing cork farms which support a wide variety of animal life (and are even protected In fact, the demand for cork isn’t even high enough to keep all the cork trees profitable for the people who manage them. Cork, since it’s a natural material, is biodegradable at the end of its life, durable while being used, and it’s also naturally waterproof (perfect for bags!). And just in case you hang out at fire circles or backyard fire pits often, cork is also fire-resistant. See the video below for all the amazing social, cultural and environmental ways cork benefits communities where its grown.

Cork Design makes a number of purses and bags from thin layers of cork, which is almost like suede to the touch.


Photo © Cork Design

Cork Designs Bucket bag. Photo © Cork Design

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