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Max Mara Adds Recycled Polyester to Its “Weekend” Clothing Line

“Weekend Max Mara has been interested in sourcing fabrics made by new, natural and eco fibers for years. “

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Photo © Weekend Max Mara

Photo © Weekend Max Mara

Weekend Max Mara and Saluzzo Yarns recently collaborated on a Spring-Summer 2014 collection with a curated selection of garments made of a special high-tech yarn called Newlife. Newlife, an arm of Saluzzo Yarns, is a fiber created by converting post-consumer recycled plastic bottles into a polymer which has many applications-from outdoor clothing to home furnishing as well as interior and outdoor design applications.

Photo © Weekend Max Mara

Photo © Weekend Max Mara

The manufacturing process is highly innovative, fully traceable, entirely mechanical (versus chemical) and 100% made in Italy where the plastic bottles are also from, helping to create an even smaller and more manageable carbon footprint.

Stefanio Cochis, Director of Italy-based Saluzzo Yarns and Newlife says Max Mara‘s initial positive reaction to the New Life yarns wasn’t just because they were interested in sustainability but because they were moved by the innovation of a new fiber.

Max Mara said we’re not going into sustainability unless we have excellent customer experience when it comes to our product’s beauty and innovation. The customer is going to be committed to sustainability by beauty first not the other way around,” says Cochis.

Newlife is about new materials and new concepts. Sustainability is the base and innovative products make us able to attract attention. Unfortunately there’s still a perception being marketed that doing anything sustainable you have to compromise on quality and we are here to prove otherwise,” says Cochis.

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