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Stitched Up: An Ethical Boutique That Doubles as a DIY Workshop

We inspire a more creative, sustainable and individual approach to clothing.

By Helen Morgan - Source:
Photo © Stitched Up

Photo © Stitched Up

The brains behind creative hub Stitched Up describe themselves as “a one stop shop for sustainable fashion, fabrics and networking”. While their Manchester (UK)-based HQ is where their sewing, fashion and craft workshops converge, they try to encapsulate much more by incorporating their sewing café, ethical fashion and home wares shop and haberdashery. Since opening back in 2011 the team has expanded their cool workshop hub to offer clothing repairs, sewing machine servicing and educational events as well. In the following Q+A with Ecouterre Stitched Up discussed their feelings towards the future for grassroots organisations in fashion.

Photo © Stitched Up

Photo © Stitched Up

How did Stitched Up all begin?

When the original 6 founders got together it was through our shared passion for thinking differently about fashion, clothing and style – we have Twitter to thank for hooking us up in the main! But two of us were also long term friends and we met Kelly through a sustainability project ran in Manchester.
What were your motivations behind the concept?

Our motivations are best described in our mission statement, this is what we work towards and consider in all aspects of our work:

We love our planet and believe we should treat it with respect.
We support garment workers worldwide in their quest for fair wages.
We inspire a more creative, sustainable and individual approach to clothing.
We prove that sustainable clothing is for everyone, without compromising on style.
We are passionate about recycling, upcycling, reuse and reducing waste.
We are a community that has fun sharing new skills and ideas, and we want you to join in!

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