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Sustainability for the Seasons (and Your Mood): Clothing that Changes Shape

As if it were Lego for the modern woman, fashion designers are creating more with less and spurring sustainability as a result.

By Juliette Donatelli - Source:
Photo ©Haley Starr

Photo ©Haley Starr

Let’s face it: We can be moody, fickle, and change is inherent to our human nature, right? So, what if we could change the clothing we already own to be something completely new, without buying more?

Engineer-minded fashion designers are anticipating sustainability needs a wearers’ want for change–not in the sense of fleeting trends–but by making single garments that can intelligently change their shape to be multi-purpose and adaptable.

Multi-purpose clothing allows us as the wearer to participate in the shape of a garment, just like the designer did in making the clothing. It’s a playful concept with immense sustainable concepts woven in. The clothing is adaptable to the seasons and our style and sustainability, ultimately saving on resources, money and our time.

Check out three amazing eco-fashion designers that are playing with clothing that can change shape.

Photo © DePLOY

Photo © DePLOY

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