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Urban Outfitters Launches Eco, Vegan Fashion Line

It used to be that being vegan meant slim pickings.

Story by Jill Ettinger - Source:
Photo ©Elvert Barnes

Photo ©Elvert Barnes

It used to be that being vegan meant slim pickings. This was most definitely true when it came to food; and it was also true when it came to fashion.

What girl doesn’t love a gorgeous pair of shoes, a waist-accenting belt, or the must-have perfect seasonal outfit or purse? It’s not easy finding fashion items you love, let alone those that fit your ethical standards. But there’s been good news in the fashion world for vegan fashionistas as of late.

Gorgeous designs from Vaute Couture were featured in New York’s Fashion Week earlier this year as the first-ever all-vegan runway collection. Scores of shoe companies now cater to vegans with incredibly stylish designs, high quality/low-impact manufacturing, and notably ethical standards. And more and more high-end designers are getting in on the eco fabrics, that are good for the environment as well as feel great on the body.

Now, iconic fashion store Urban Outfitters is getting in on the game. The struggling retailer has added the Della fashion line to its offerings. Della works directly with women seamstresses in Ghana to make the handcrafted clothes and accessories.

Based in Los Angeles, Della’s proceeds go to support the community in Hohoe, Ghana. All products are 100 percent vegan, handcrafted and says founder Tina Tangalakis, “Della is actually the name of the first person I met in Ghana, he was the driver for the volunteer organization I traveled with and he greeted me when I arrived at the Accra airport with a warm, happy smile. The welcoming, caring person that Della is acts as a reflection of what I want the business Della to be.”


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