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Wearable Technology Recreus’s 3D-Printed Sneaker is Flexible Enough to Fold Up Into a Pocket

Of course the Sneakerbot doesn’t appear to be the most breathable of shoe.

By Jasmin Malik Chua - Source:

Photo © Ignacio Garcia

Photo © Ignacio Garcia

Three-dimensional printing has come a long way. Compared with its rigid, unpliable forebears, the Sneakerbot II by Recreus is flexible—so flexible, in fact, that you can crumple it into a fist-sized ball for stowing away until you need it. Designed by Ignacio Garcia—and inspired by such ’80s sci-fi films as Back to the Future and Short Circuit—the shoe owes its malleability to a combination of plant-based PLA and Filaflex, an elastic filament developed by Recreus to retain its springiness even after it’s melted and extruded through a machine.

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