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Wedding Dress Made From Recycled Target Bags Is A Sight To Behold

One woman’s trash is another woman’s wedding dress…literally.

By Taryn Hillin - Source:

Reddit user boosted4banger posted these incredible photos Thursday with the caption, “Awesome wedding dress made from recycled target bags my sister put together for a school project.”

Courtesy of boosted4banger via Reddit

Courtesy of boosted4banger via Reddit

How exactly do you make a dress out of plastic bags?

In the comments, the poster says it was a bit of a process. Her sister first removed the red Target logos, layered the bags and used an iron to bond them — creating a much thicker material. She then lined the inside of the dress with recycled T-shirts to soften it.

One thing is for sure: this girl definitely deserves an “A”.

Check out the slideshow below to see some wedding dresses made out of toilet paper.

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