Flying bicycle makes its debut, ET not required

Meet the flying bike. Maybe you didn’t ask for it, but here it is anyway.

Story by Stephen Messenger - Source:
Photo © airborneCZ channel Youtube Capture

Photo © airborneCZ channel Youtube Capture

Bicycles come in lots of shapes and sizes, from those old-timey penny farthing, to the sleek street bikes of today, though through it all the domain of these two-wheel transports has been decidedly terrestrial. But now, for the tens of cyclists who, each morning, wake up cursing the limits of gravity — there’s finally a solution.

The Wright brothers were bicycle-makers before they pioneered flight, and even they didn’t think of this.

This flying bike, developed by three Czech companies, made its debut in Prague, flying a dummy passenger around for five minutes. According to the AP, the bike weighs in at 209 pounds, and is powered by two batteries that make the front and back mounted propellers spin. In essence, the bike appears to be an arbitrary element in this design. Stay tuned for flying grocery carts?

Kind of a step down from its solely human-powered predecessors, no?

Not to discourage anyone looking to strike it rich in the field of flying bikes, but this unasked-for invention only reinforces the engineering excellence of the modern bicycle — honed over more than a century into the most efficient, environmentally-friendly modes of transportation on the planet.

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