Social Network For The Homeless Provides Human Contact

We Are Visible was created by activist Mark Horvath as a resource for 600,000 Americans living without a home.

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Photo © We Are Visible

Photo © We Are Visible

In the christening blog post for a new social network called We Are Visible, Mark Horvath, the activist whose work focuses on empowering victims of homelessness, explains:

“If you’ve never been homeless, it’s tough to describe that first night sleeping on the street. The fear and disillusionment are almost paralyzing. You just go through the motions, but at the same time you’re beating yourself up for being in this situation. It is very surreal because no one ever thinks they will become homeless. No one.”

Mark goes on to paint a picture of Los Angeles, a city he knows, but seen through new eyes. All alone, going from park to park searching for something he had never thought would be out of reach: Comfort and safety in a place to sleep. That was 20 years ago. Today, Mark wants to empower people who find themselves homeless by giving them more than just a temporary place to sleep. He wants to give them visibility in a society where more than not they’re simply overlooked. This video describes the project’s vision:


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