The Ryno is a sexy, self-balancing, souped-up unicycle

One wheel plus a dash of electric horsepower adds up to a delicious ‘microcycle’

By Elissa Loi - Source:
Photo © RYNO Motors

Photo © RYNO Motors

Aren’t unicycles for clowns?
Yes, if you’re living in an Enid Blyton book. But this is real life and we wouldn’t mind sidelining as clowns if we get to ride one of these. Unlike the conventional unicycle, the electric Ryno microcycle requires no pedal power whatsoever – nor a preternatural ability to balance really well when you’re sat down.

Does it move by sheer mindpower then?
Close. Just look and lean in the direction you want to go, and the Ryno’s motion-sensing technology will do the rest. Accelerate by leaning forward even more and slow down by leaning back.

Riding the Ryno takes some getting used to, so it thoughtfully eases you into the experience with two operation settings distinguished by speed: beginner and standard.

Eat my dust, suckers!
Don’t get ahead of yourself. While it looks like a speed demon, the Ryno only reaches a top speed of 10mph (16kph) so you won’t be able to outrun that clown from It. Just think of the Ryno’s slow speed as giving bypassers the perfect photo opportunity of the sickest unicycle ever made.

Photo © RYNO Motors

Photo © RYNO Motors

Hey, who tipped it over?
This is just how you park the Ryno. Set the parking brake and tip it over, like you could but definitely shouldn’t a cow, to rest on its built-in parking bumpers.

Will I have to sell an organ to afford one?
Thankfully, no. The wet weather-proof Ryno rings in at a reasonable US$5300. And you get an onboard information display, two SLA batteries with an estimated 6 hours charge time to last 10 miles (16km), and unlimited attention when you take it out on the road. What a great deal.

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