They heart tattoos

If you’re going to get a tattoo, you should get it somewhere special.

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Photo © Al Fliction

The man himself: founded and organizes the Urban Tattoo Convention, which is celebrating its first year in Brooklyn on June 28. Photo © Al Fliction

If you’re going to get a tattoo, you should get it somewhere special.

New York’s annual ink expo, the Urban Tattoo Convention, is leaving Manhattan this year and, on June 28, its landing in a borough close to its founder’s heart.
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“It’s coming to Brooklyn, where it should have been,” said Al Fliction, president of the Urban Tattoo Convention.

The annual expo, now entering its fourth year, spent its infancy at a club in midtown Manhattan called Amnesia, which accommodated about 30 booths, but the convention has since outgrown its crib and Fliction, a Park Slope native, was more than happy to bring his baby to Kings County after discovering Sunset Park’s Industry City, which can accommodate three times the amount of ink insiders.

“I always wanted to bring it back home,” he said. “Then I saw Industry City.”

Fliction, who spent a few years traveling the country on a quest for tattoo knowledge, not to mention starred on the Spike TV reality show, Ink Master, has more than a few associates in the tattoo business. The convention will feature some of America’s foremost inkers, including Shane O’Neil, Bili Vegas, Tripple X Jess, King Afa, Kay Kutta and Gino.

“You will find the best of the best,” said Fliction.

Not only will convention guests be able to peruse some of the country’s best tattoos in sweet-home Kings County, but they’ll be able show them off as well.

The expo will hold nightly tattoo awards, including ones for best black and white, best Japanese, best color, and best animal created during the show.

The convention will also feature a competition for the worst tattoo of the show, with the winner receiving a free cover up as a prize.

“For a lot of people who can’t afford the cover up, this is there only way out,” said Fliction.

Urban Tattoo Convention at Industry City [233 37th St. between Second and Third avenues in Sunset Park, (786) 333–7023,]. June 28, 3 pm; June 29–June 30, noon. $15 in advance, $25 at the door.

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