‘TipBombing’ Showers Unsuspecting Street Musicians with Cash, Compliments

The cultural movement takes New York’s subway performers by surprise with a huge collective tip

By Vashti Hallissey - Source: http://www.psfk.com
Photo © TipBombing

Photo © TipBombing

A lot of the best musicians aren’t in the charts or on the X Factor, they are on city streets and subways playing for a just a hatful of change every day. A new concept by BBH aims to show street performers how much they mean to people by surprising them with hundreds of tips. Known as TipBombing, it involves gathering a big crowd around subway musicians who think they are taking part in a music documentary, and astonishing them with an enormous collective tip.

William Yu of BBH tells PSFK:

TipBombing started with the members of our team agreeing that something as simple as compliment can completely brighten someone’s day. We then asked ourselves, ‘How would someone feel if they were given a hundred compliments at the exact same time?’ We wanted to explore this phenomenon.

TipBombing is the brainchild of BBH New York’s Barn program, the innovative team that created Underheard in NY. The BBH team wanted to pay homage to the city’s street musicians, who often work round the clock for a few coins and a love of music.

Yu explains:

Being in the city, we are surrounded by amazing musical talents that play on the streets and in the subway, but New Yorkers are always so busy that it’s hard to take a step back and really appreciate some great tunes. In creating our idea, our biggest goal was to show some appreciation for these individuals who contribute so much to the culture and vibe of New York City.

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One Response to “‘TipBombing’ Showers Unsuspecting Street Musicians with Cash, Compliments”

  1. Jake says:

    Great event and organization! Buskr app (www.discoverbuskr.com) has a similar mission – to provide a free platform for live performers (street, bars, clubs, restaurants, venues, etc) to self-promote their shows and collect tips electronically via debit or credit cards. I”m glad to see other organizations working the same message and helping to support NYC’s talent!