Falling Stars

“We will not let our rage be diluted into reality: it is reality rather that must yield to our scream…”

Story by Max Power -

Art © Brian Kenny

It’s a beautiful summer night. The air is fresh and the sky is full of dancing stars. It looks like we all own one. Each soul on this planet deserve is own star. Suddenly, they all fall. In the blink of an eye there are no more stars in the sky. As if we were all dead. Game over.


Art © Keith Haring

To me any great work of art could substitute a national flag. Naked girls dancing in circles, soup cans, dead horses… Whatever… What is a flag? Is it inspiration or constriction? Is it an icon representing freedom or a colored cage? Flags should change like presidents. Flags should change so that people can believe in change, get inspired and move on.


Art © Jonathan Horowitz

I love to watch the Olympic games and I will always go for my country, but why? I’m I against the others? Isn’t art supposed to be a cosmopolitan practice? How can an artist recognize himself under a flag? Shouldn’t a champion be a champion for all, someone to follow or emulate? For example, Americans are so proud of Neil Armstrong? Even think of Lance Armstrong? From my perspective they are both champions of their time. They became their own flags. Our flags.

Art © Neil Amstrong

Art © Neil Amstrong

Artists know that any flag is a problem. They have no answers or solutions, but for sure they feel the urgency to scream out this uncomfortable feeling. I remember burning flags. The Italian flag, American flag, Juventus flag, even the school flag ended badly in the gym toilet… Burning a flag is like closing your self in your bedroom and shouting “Fuck Off!” to your parents… We’ve all done it.

Art ©  Richard Pettibone

Art © Richard Pettibone

As John Holloway states: “We will not let our rage be diluted into reality: it is reality rather that must yield to our scream. Call us childish or adolescent if you like, but this is our starting point: we scream.” Here’s a collection of amazing American Flags by great Artists. Enjoy and have a great Fourth of July.

Art ©  Reuben Lorch Miller

Art © Reuben Lorch Miller

Art ©  Leo Vilareal

Art © Leo Villareal

Art ©   Barbara Kruger

Art © Barbara Kruger

Art ©   Jasper Johns

Art © Jasper Johns

Art ©   David Hammons

Art © David Hammons

Art ©   Jasper Johns

Art © Jasper Johns

Art ©   Lance Amstrong

Art © Lance Amstrong

Art ©   The Metapicture

Art © The Metapicture

Art ©   Furusho Kenta

Art © Furusho Kenta

Art ©   Anonymus

Art © Anonymous

Art ©   Skylar Fein

Art © Skylar Fein

Art ©   Devid Hammons

Art © David Hammons

Art ©   Dick Clark

Art © Dick Clark

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