She Has a Hot Ass

Concept and image composition by Max Texts by Alexander Alberro, Joseph Kosuth, Seth Sigelaub, Lorence Weiner, Douglas Hubler, Jack Wnedler, Vito Acconci, and Rachel Haidu

Frown upside-down Image Composite ©Max Powers

“In the information society, the world is the frame. Art, in these conditions, has the potential of being “received” by millions of people at the same time, without a hierarchy of reception.” – Joseph Kosuth, 1968.

More than enough Image Composite ©Max Powers

“Actual works of art are little more than historical curiosities. As far as art is concerned, Van Gogh’s paintings aren’t worth any more than his palette is. They are both collector’s items.”

Statue Sex Image Composite ©Max Powers

“The advantages of collecting conceptual art improve the image of your company by: a. Making your public more aware of what you are doing in the community. b. Assisting in developing a more fully rounded personality for your corporation by adding a cultural dimension. c. Providing a bold, unique, and exciting element in the presentation of your products and services. d. Promoting greater public acceptance of your corporation and its products and services by making yourself more attractive and visible in the marketplace.”

Hallelujah! Image Composite ©Max Powers

“Artists have finally been accepted as idea men and not only as craftsmen with poetic thoughts.”

Rednecks Image Composite ©Max Powers

“Conceptual art doesn’t have to do with words on walls. It’s about finding alternatives for critical inquiry and it’s about a sense of corrosive irony. We are making art through joking rather than sensuality!”

Facial hair Image Composite ©Max Powers

“I want to transform the passive spectator into an active producer of the artwork.”

Full entry Image Composite ©Max Powers

“Conceptual art was always dialectical, being made in response to both its institutional and its political context, attempting often to make these contexts evident and sometimes actually to change them.”

Old bones Image Composite ©Max Powers

“[…] the powerful ways in which much of that art negotiates between, and reveals the interdependence of art and the broader cultural and institutional context, that I believe is most important. Conceptualism was pivotal in breaking art from the constraints of self containment.”

Hangry Image Composite ©Max Powers

“I will tell you something that I’m ashamed of and that under normal circumstances I wouldn’t tell a soul. Something that if it were made public could be used against me!”

Hater blockers Image Composite ©Max Powers

“I began to realize, as well, that the intelligent and sensitive people in my environment had experiences with non-art portions of their visual world that were of such quality and consistency that the demarcation of similar experiences as art would make no appreciable difference; that perhaps mankind was beginning to outgrow the need for art on that level; that he was beginning to deal with his world aesthetically.”

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