Surfing With Satoshi

I’d heard the name kicked around at cockfights in Queens.

Story by Teo J. Babini - Photos from Alterazoni Video Video by Alterazoni Video

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It’s not easy bein’ a private dick these days. The golden age of the Bogart gumshoe ended in the forties along with fedoras. With the collapse of the global economy, I spend most of my time in my office buying discounted suits online with the occasional lay from one of my rich woman clients who pay me Bitcoin to catch their husbands doing the same thing. It’s a pretty sobering existence.

The other day, though, a strange thing happened. I was losing a bidding war on a used pair of wingtips when a team of zips exploded into the office. Real guineas from the old country, not your average Bensonhurt goombah. They told me they were “investigative journalists” and needed my help finding their latest subject. These guys were about as journalistic as my tie and normally I woulda told them to kick rocks except that the name of their target set off fireworks in my brain box.


Surfing wtih Satoshi Flyer Photo ©Alterazoni Video

I’d heard the name kicked around at cockfights in Queens. It was the type of name people spoke only in a whisper, like that of a myth or legend, never bothering to explain the reference further than its mention. A little digging would reveal that some people say he wrote the Bitcoin code that started this whole mess in the first place.

Japanese? Maybe. The only thing these guys could tell me for sure was that they had “reliable” info that he was last seen on La Isla del Encanto… Now here’s the catch (there’s always a catch): No dough up front (which means no dough at all), and without dough, one can’t make any real bread. I told ‘em I was interested in the case, so I would pander to some of my resources (aforementioned matron saints), but that they would have to do the same if they intended on covering our… “expenses”… Nothing like shoveling shit in gambling dens and opium huts to burn a hole in the pocket… Like most web-maniacs, they decided to do an online fundraiser. In other words, you pay them, and they pay me.

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Satoshi? Photo ©Alterazoni Video

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