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3. Lifetime fitness programs and centres also provide nutritional products such as food supplements that will aid in the formation of good blood cells and tissues thereby making your body at its pink of health.

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The Act of Staring at Wallpaper Is the Highest Form of Art « CBK Citizen Brooklyn
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The Act of Staring at Wallpaper Is the Highest Form of Art

…on a content driven platform like the web the visual colorful containers are often more attractive than the daily fresh bullshit.

Story by Max Power - max.power@citizenbrooklyn.com

I remember the first time I took acid in high school.


Source: http://www.key-z.com

I was alone in my father’s empty apartment. I took a little corner of the lysergic tab and layed myself on the floor, staring at the wallpaper. I was excited. It was like going on the rides at Coney Island for the first time. I couldn’t wait to see the wallpaper moving around.
And then it happened… Slowly, but surely, lines started to dance on the wall; nothing crazy, just a sexy little dance. I took another bite of the tab.


Source: http://assets3.conwayhall.org.uk

I remember the room fading away. All the furniture fell out of focus and the boring paintings of horses and dead people got overtaken by the wallpaper. Those paintings always grabbed my attention upon entering the room, but were now submerged by the dancing green and red lines that detached themselves from the wall.

Another flashback:
I once painted a picture of a life-size dead elephant and showed it to my art professor. He said he couldn’t stand the background. I saw an enormous, beautifully painted elephant and all he saw were the orange and gold twirls that stood behind it.


Source: http://grist.files.wordpress.com

Every painter knows this: Each inch of canvas is important, even if it it falls behind the main subject. If you look at Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, the faded background is actually the most innovative part of the painting. Recently, a group of Italian historians were able to localize each element in that background and discovered that it was a collage of different places, most likely a coded map that Leonardo was suggesting in his intertexuality practice.

Mona Lisa background detail

Mona Lisa background detail

Source: http://www.handgemalt24.de


Mona Lisa Background Interpretations -Lions heads

Source: http://abcnews.go.com

Because of financial constraints and laziness, I often go on vacation on the Internet, sometimes I even shower there. It’s cheaper and some how feels the same as the real thing; from a traveler’s point of view a vacation itself is no more than a distorted virtual journey.


Source: http://pizzzatime.biz

Website backgrounds often pull my attention from the content and become the main subject of my wondering. I probably have some kind of ADD, but on a content driven platform like the web, the visual colorful containers are often more attractive than the fresh daily bullshit. Websites are like cans of soup, where the soup is whatever, but the cans are at MoMA…


Source: http://blameaspartame.tumblr.com/


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