The Californization of the Planet

When images oblige people to remain silent before them or at least to lower their voices, they are aware of their power.

Story by By Max Power - Photos by Alterazioni Video

Wave Photo ©Alterazioni Video

Abstract for “Always Already New” 2010 at NABA:

Flip-flops, joints, and beer. Is this the new American dream?

Someone is shouting at us to kick back and re-connect.

No, it’s not about the green wave. The Planet has never been healthier!

It’s our imagination that is jeopardized.

It’s our ability to slow down the processes, whatever they are, that needs to be preserved and amplified.

We lost control of finance algorithms; we lost control of the image-making machine.

After the economic breakdown, after the 2.0 thunderstorm, it’s time to have some fun!

Dali Bus-Stop Photo ©Alterazioni Video

The undertow is a chance, and a good one.

Waiting for the next tsunami with a surfer’s attitude.

We were expecting the big wave. We had been waiting long enough.

We are the big wave, again.

California is shouting to us.

California is not a state. It’s an idea. California doesn’t own anything. California learns and absorbs from what surrounds her and amplifies it.

? Photo ©Alterazioni Video

Surfing is Hawaiian, cinema is French, the blond girls are German…

Californian corporation’s programmers are today’s demigods.

The web was imagined and defined in San Francisco.

YouTube video duration, the English language, no pussy, no cocks… All the rules have been decided in California. Somehow, California rules our imagination.

The easy way, the California way, is becoming the standard.

We amplify our social life through Californian social networks.

Pina Photo ©Alterazioni Video

But we have no enemies, because we speak only to our community. That’s their way.

It’s easier. Still, we have no friends, just their images their… digital shadows.

Digital Images are alive, this is for sure. They transform, mutate, evolve, and are always there for you. Relax, you won’t be forgotten.

Our culture is affected by a form of acute visual bulimia. A “Californian one”.

We need to rethink our relationship with images and understand our compulsive attitude toward them.

Upside Down Smile Photo ©Alterazioni Video

Let’s face it: Images are a necessary commodity.

They are our only partners in the invisible journey, a democratic partner that anyone can access.

We need to learn from them, in their silent way. We need to understand who is training whom. We need to become aware of their nature.

When images oblige people to remain silent before them or at least to lower their voices, they are aware of their power. Any image aware of its power is art. No matter where it comes form. It will be remembered.

Gangsta Kitty Photo ©Alterazioni Video

How to learn from them is a didactic challenge that we can’t forsake.

Alterazioni Video will try to explain, through videos and slideshows, the symptoms that are driving our imaginations towards a Californization of the planet. (Not just the western world!)

In our head, the Californization has already started.

It doesn’t matter if you know it or not.

Let it flow.

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