The Halloween that Never Happened

It was a sad scene in the wet basements with pieces of Pollack paper machete coming to life in the Hudson River waters.

Story by Teo J. Babini – Photos by Icarus Blake

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Unfortunately for the usually trick or treating children of NYC, the only people who got to celebrate this year were the degenerates who use Halloween, like most other holidays, as an excuse to get drunk dressed like Dracula over the weekend and… Famous artists? That’s right, the calm before the storm was actually not so calm at all, with a large gathering of artists at MoMA PS1’s Sunday Session Halloween Carnival curated by Mariah Robertson and Jenny Schlenzka.

A/C Inferno Photo © Icarus Blake

Artists came with left over craft supplies and did what they do best, create, costumes in this case. Add a little tequila to this witches brew and you’ve got a pretty crazy party with creepy videos and music to match. Courtney Love and Klaus Biesenbach gave out seven deadly sin awards for the best costumes in each cateGory. There would even be marching bands and stilt walkers later, but the only parade we were marching in was the one back across the bridge before the frankenstorm came and closed her down…

Lips Photo © Icarus Blake

But we heard a rumor that the night did not end quietly. In fact, the party was so good that nobody cared about the hurricane anymore. Then, suddenly, an SOS went out to the art world: “Calling all artists, calling all artists! The galleries are flooding! Send help!” How appropriate that every one looked like super heroes from their own imaginations.

Feathered Friend Photo © Icarus Blake

They built boats from old brushes, packed up the leftover supplies, and sailed for Chelsea. It was a sad scene in the wet basements with pieces of Pollack paper machete coming to life in the Hudson River waters. Everyone got organized and started to save what they could when someone noticed some otherworldly ships looming in the distance.

Little Red Riding Hood Photo © Icarus Blake

With all the cops preoccupied with Sandy, they had failed to notice the zombie pirate invasion that was about to occur. Skull and crossbones doesn’t quite describe the golden toothed skeletal figures steering the stern of leaky ships at full mast in gale force winds. It was up to our heroes to hatch a plan, and that they did. Using what was left from the costume supplies they built a catapult and began to launch soaking pieces of priceless art through the air devastating the undead army.

Don't Do the Devil Photo © Icarus Blake

The ghosts and goblins got what they deserved, their shadowy ships sinking to the bottom of the river faster than mobsters in prohibition era concrete shoes. So it seems, although the initial intention was to save the art, in the end, art saved the world. The story didn’t make headlines, but hey, I’ve heard of stranger happenings in the city that never sleeps.

Bunny Trap Photo © Icarus Blake

Balloon Monster Photo © Icarus Blake

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