The Rainbow Sponge is All We Need

This happened one night I could not sleep, I squeezed and squeezed our stupid cat.

Story, Photo and Video by Icarus Blake - and Max Power - Performance by: Viola Yesiltac and Kerstin Braetsch

The Raimbow Sponge from kodezero on Vimeo.

I asked Viola Yesiltac to become a contributor for CBK. She said she had the perfect Brooklyn News TV performance for us.  She invited us to come and shoot the video at her friend’s Kerstin Bratch’s studio.  Both Viola and Kerstin are well known, cutting edge artists living in New York. The place was next to a windy alley inside a gas depot. Viola just came back from a residency program in Shanghai and Kerstin just had a solo show at the Gavin Brown Gallery.  I was expecting two professionals with a provocative point of view: expectations more than met. Viola described the piece as “serious comedy”.  It reminded me of an Italian film genre from the 60’s called “tragic comedy”. The performance is a critical and focused analysis of contemporary art references and the masters that inspire it. It’s all about the Rainbow Sponge.

Transcript of the performance:

Welcome to show and tell, Kerstin will show you a video. I brought my trousers. The Arts department of the Kempinski Hotel recently sent me to China. I bought these pants with wiggle pattern in Shanghai. Not a normal pantaloon as you can see, the fabric is so dense it comes in three sizes, ’cause I can’t stand only one size, and it has very nice deep pockets. On close observation a swarm of particles. Look at this, video. Why? You asked for it. She just wiggles and wiggles and repeats this squeeze, listen? You can also use these incredible gloves that come with it. I saw you washing your face and rubbing your arms and legs with turpentine. Unbelievable, but Tartex in your fridge. That’s why, these nervous paintings. How did she respond again? Either a slow sponge or the fastest brush in the world… Something about the increase of elasticity. Well, just squeeze. Don’t hesitate, and stop tipping your toe. Oh my gosh! Wiggles, squeeze. You listen? You can sponge on many other surfaces as well. I tell you concerns won’t spark if you only continue to breathe in heavy. We know. We know. She, without any concerns regarding her identity, playfully rolls about. She asks for it! Du gurglest doch nicht etwa mit dem Zeug? Im Norden ist. Glatt, platt. Super surface and add it to the list. In der Zeit in der die Wahrheit lallte, habe ich Tage im Sattel der Anmutigen verbracht, bis ich abgestiegen bin.

Du sprichts immer von einem Atze I grew up with advanced chemistry. You told me about this woman that lives solely from rainbow light, a woman with built up biceps on her left arm only. Ulrike Sprenger said we are made of stardust caused by sun explosions. Yes, I was so excited when I heard this, but let’s not indulge in imagination and just use this sponge item. I love a pure sponge! I like to address matters of hygiene here too. For example, I tried to improve those in my apartment. This happened one night I could not sleep, I squeezed and squeezed our stupid cat. It was so hard to stop, but no wool mouse came out of it. I say use the sponge, because it shows us how surfaces merge and how visionary power is expressed. Such dense surface that would not have been possible in this particular way without the rainbow sponge. My gosh, such a different procedure of structuring particles, wiggles on close observation. But, don’t we miss the magical part? Calm down! No magic here, only a series of manual operations. The wiggle, the squeeze, and the stamp, just watch the video. You really do have to observe closely to see this. It takes more than just looking. This explains why you have no insight into many of these paintings. An obscure occurrence, but certainly no miracle. Everyone will envision, everyone will be able to use this sponge. We all have the visualizing power needed to do this, and when we accept the decrease of the little planets temperature, we can, without worries, continue to stamp, squeeze and wiggle and cash out that intuition in, maybe, three different sizes.

5 Responses to “The Rainbow Sponge is All We Need”

  1. nancy says:

    Great insight. Cool observances. i like the style of writing very much.

  2. Debbie Mitchell says:

    Viola and Kerstin – Your presentation was clever. I watched the video first, then re watched it and read the text while the video was playing in the background heightened the humor. I’ll never look at a sponge in the same way again.

  3. Luzie says:

    Thank you for the constructive respond.
    We made this special video version for Citizen Brooklyn
    and are very glad to get such positive feedback.

  4. Anne McVent says:

    Wooow!!!Rainbow Sponge rocks!!!!!Really cool presentation!

  5. Surfer girl says:

    I’m not one to appreciate sarcasm but I really appreciated violas. A good contribution to cbk.