Artist Crafts Lamps from Actual Loaves of Bread

Japanese artist brings her foodie passion into the home in a yeast inspired home decor collection

By Simone Spilka - Source:
Photo © Pampshade

Photo © Pampshade

An artist in Japan has combined her fascination with bread and her love of art into a curious interior design project. Pampshade — coming from Pan (the Japanese word for bread) + ‘lamp shade’ — is a a lamp designed from bread flour, salt, yeast, LED and batteries. The light fixture made from real loaves offers a unique kitchenware accessory.

Casual employment at a small bakery in Kyoto led the project to fruition for 27 year-old designer Yukiko Morita. After observing the way sunlight affected* a hollowed-out French baguette, she felt inspired and passionate to use the food as a new medium.

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