Beer Goggles: Half a Sixer

She gave great head, the best actually, and couldn’t get enough of my tongue on the edge of her nipple.

Story by Teo J. Babini - Photos by Icarus Blake

Photo ©Icarus Blake

The British are Cumming

I was seventeen and didn’t quite know my way around a woman yet. I actually met her on a photography job, we spoke during lunch and I was intrigued by her little British accent and cute freckled skin. After the shoot I drove her home and we took a bubble bath together. Full bodied would be an accurate description. I came to find out that she was actually much older than I, older than my mother in fact. A couple weeks later we spent the night. We smoked a spliff and then retired to the bed. She gave great head, the best actually, and couldn’t get enough of my tongue on the edge of her nipple. I was an amateur at the time, but she, a pro, was impressed with my tolerance. Alas, she lived very far away so I considered the whole thing a learning experience and moved on to another.

Photo ©Icarus Blake

The First Lady

I met her back in my freshmen year of college, but we never really got together until the summer I graduated. It all started with some random hang out with at this Psycho Billy Tiki Lounge… She looked good, but I let her be. Next thing I know, she shows up to a rooftop party and we’re enjoying a crisp conversation in the corner. I found her quite refreshing, bubbly personality and all. We parted ways, but later that night my friend called to say she was bringing her over to my pad. We kept it casual while the crowd was around, but once everybody left I really opened her up. Popped her top to reveal a perfect handful, olive skin, light frame, long neck, and green eyes to top it all off. Her bottom half was also skinny, but had a little extra meat to keep it nice and shapely. From the moment her lip touched mine, I knew it be a wild night, it always was with her. Something about that barefoot Brooklyn beach heat just brought us together and we always ended up drunk by end of the day. Unfortunately, the summer doesn’t last forever, and neither did she.

Photo ©Icarus Blake


I met her on the streets of the big bad Burg, with already quite a few under my belt. She was tall and thick with short hair, pale skin, and a large mouth. When we parted ways and I basically forgot meeting her altogether, she would be a Macri Park and I was headed to the Cess Pool. Upon arrival, I dipped into a foreign blonde babe whose name I could not even begin to pronounce. I put her down for a while only to discover Miss Déjà Vu from the earlier sidewalk encounter. I spent the night bouncing between the two, but in the end… I went home alone. The next night I couldn’t remember the blonde, but I did meet up with the busty broad at Midway. She had a German last name, but clearly hailed from the Midwest. She was a pretty straightforward gal who just loved to party at dive bars in Brooklyn, easy personality to swallow. The only problem was that she was everywhere I went. We ended up dating for four months dividing our time between dinner and movie nights in my apartment, and outings of complete debauchery at K&M, Good Co., and various transplant pads. In the end though, we just had very different flavors… I never was a big fan of hipsters.

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