Best of EAT: All “Bark”, No Bite

Creating a new way of reviewing eateries was the goal, so the CBK musical restaurant review was born. Our first victim, Brooklyn’s popular “Bark”, was skewered by a catchy scathing rhyme Animal Tropical style.

Story and Photos by Teo Babini -

From Cover 9

Bark Dog Singing Food Review by Animal Tropic from kodezero on Vimeo.

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I met up with Jose and Pabon from Animal Tropical at Bark Hot Dogs in Park Slope. Bark boasts a dog friendly eating environment with a chill atmosphere and sustainable approach. The sharply dressed Miamic duo was waiting, guitar in hand, by the train when I arrived on the scene. We had a pre-meal cig outside and took to the menu. They ordered a twenty-ounce Bark Red Ale to share. I got the Beans & Frank dog, Pabon fancied a BLT dog, and Jose decided to give the ol’ Heritage Pork Burger a try. The mixture of mustard and baked beans created a lovely flavor on my tongue, but it lasted about as long on the plate as a dirty water dog, and cost as much as three. Pabon seemed to thoroughly enjoy his dog… Jose on the other hand found quite a surprise when he bit into his “burger”. Turns out a “pork burger” is just a burger patty shaped hot dog, hardly the delicious description we read on the menu. So we finished up, disposed of our recycled tableware in the compost bin, and dipped outside for a post meal cig. And with a handful of recycled napkins and a stolen pen, Jose went to work venting his feelings in a song, completed with musical notes in about ten minutes. I couldn’t believe the quality of the tune, made even better by a little Argentine angel harmonizing along with the fellas in the park.

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