Mother Earth We Love You: Fashion’s Standing EcOvation

By Citizen Brooklyn


A conference on a potential zero waste system in Slovenia was held on April ninth and tenth. In addition to pressing environmental issues, there was the presentation of two major projects: Etno-Eco Roma Fashion, the creation of Romani brand Amulet and cross-border project Poreteks. In both projects, the aim is to upcycle textile waste.


The Etno-Eco Roma Fashion involves the establishment of the social entrepreneurship, the creation of Roma trademarks and employment of vulnerable groups within the project. At the event they exhibited their jewelry and clothing under the brand Amulet. The greatest interest was in jewelry. Young women were literally crowding around the exhibits.


The cross-border project Poreteks is implemented within the framework of the Operational Programme Slovenia – Croatia. The aim of the project is to improve and raise environmental awareness among polluters and inhabitants of the border region, and to acquaint them with innovative, environmentally-protective products, which could mitigate environmental risks:

  • The creation of web and mobile applications for the proper management of textile waste waste for reuse (fashion products).

  • Recycling textile waste for the production of insulation panels across the border.

  • Cross-border transfer of results.

  • Experiences and practices developed in the project to spread to other areas of interest .


At the end there was a fashion show with a title ‘Mother Earth We Love You’, which recieved a tremendous enthusiasm from the viewers. The hall was filled to the last corner. The line is intended for everyday, free-spirited women. Garments were very wearable, colorful shades emphasizing playfulness, an embodiment of the modern hippie woman. The audiene enjoyed the show a great deal and at the end there were standing ovations.


After the show, I mixed with the audience and asked girls to share their impressions:

Lina (30): ‘This fashion show was amazing. I’d wear all the clothes! Who would have though this could be made by the waste materials! I’m truly amazed.’

Barbara (56): ‘We need more events like this. I’m impressed by this. Wonderful!’

Nataša (35): ‘For this clothing, I would be willing to pay as much as I would as for world-class fashion… Actually, this world class fashion! Very impressive!’

All in all I have to admit, I was impressed with all of creations myself. The fashion show and exhibition absolutely proved that waste material can be equivalent to a new raw material. Fantastic!

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