Olga The Green Angel

As was said once by Gandhi: “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed”.

Story and Photos By Icarus Blake - Styled by: Anna Brambilla

Olga the Green Angel from kodezero on Vimeo.

CBK: Tell me how you got started, how you became a successful model? What was your dream as a child?

Olga: At the age of sixteen, I was scouted by my future agent/mother while I was buying flowers. That was when I started to gain my first modeling experience, but only during summers. I did not start modeling full time until I completed my high school studies in science and graduated from Tallinn School No. 21.

A lot of this job depends on being in a right place at a right time, but I always give my best on every job I do. (All I need is some good music and I’m ready to rock ‘n’ roll on set.) – and that makes me a perfect professional model!

Dream? Travel, travel, travel, travel as much as possible – I always loved discovering new things! Modeling gave me this opportunity and I’m thankful for it.

CBK: Did your parents give you any trouble? Did they think you were too young?

Olga: I can’t say I had problems with my parents, but, of course, they were scared and at first my dad said no: “No way I let you go alone”. But then we talked with my agent and she explained to my parents how it all works and gave them a letter of guarantee, where she said that she would take full responsibly that nothing bad would happen to me. My first trip was pretty stressful and scary for my parents because my family and I had no idea about the industry. I grew up in a little town called Voru in Estonia (which I’m sure everybody knows about), so u can only imagine how important the fashion and modeling industry was in my childhood years! The following trips were much easier because by then we realized that fashion was a serious industry and modeling, a legitimate profession.

All lingerie by Yamamay / Photo @Icarus Blake

CBK: Did you stop studying?

Olga: No, I finished my high school studies first and only then did I become a full-time model. I decided I would try it for a year and if I didn’t like it, I would go to the university… Well, one year turned out into several years, so only recently, about a year ago, I finally decided that it was time to dedicate myself to university studies and I chose PR and business management.

CBK: What was the most important job of your career, the one that made you a top model?

Olga: It all happened like a fairy tale. Standing and waiting for the casting to begin, I got scouted and booked for both Armani shows directly from the street by Mr. Armani himself. Ever since I first started modeling, I wished to become a face of this world famous brand! March fifteenth was the day when my wish came true! Five days of hard, but fun, work was shot for next worldwide Emporio Armani campaign. The beautiful images were captured by well-known photographer Craig McDean, and the outfits carefully chosen by Alex White! As for my new look, the talented Peter Phillips and Julian d’Ys were the ones responsible. An unforgettable experience, eternal memories were created, as well as, a special relationship with Mr. Armani and his work for making my dream come true!

Bra by Intimissimi / Photo ©Icarus Blake

CBK: Tell me about the worst moment of your career, were you ever afraid? (You don’t have to tell me names or details) And the best?

Olga: Honestly… I’m sure I’ve had bad moments, but they do not come immediately into my mind because I try to only remember the nice ones. One of those nice moments that I often think about was my trip to Zanzibar for a week to shoot an editorial! It was an unforgettable time with an amazing team! It felt like a holiday instead of work! Trips like that don’t happen very often… ufff… if I think back I wish I was there right now eating my favorite mangoes… Oh wait! While I was thinking about the Zanzibar sea, sand, and amazing seafood, I remembered a bad experience. Once during winter, December, I had to shoot summer looks, everything was super slow and I was freezing cold. It even took over Christmas day. In the end, I didn’t even like the story that came out. Suffering for nothing… So, after that, I decided never to shoot summer looks in wintertime, but at least I have a story to tell.

CBK: If you ever have a daughter and she decides to be a model, what would be your advice to her?

Olga: The same advice my parents gave to me: Always stay true to yourself and your values, don’t try to change yourself, just because someone thinks you’re not cool enough!

Bra by Undercolors of Benetton, Culotte by D&G / Photo ©Icarus Blake

CBK: Citizen Brooklyn is a magazine that deals exclusively with eco-fashion. When you shop, are you environmentally conscious? Would you pay more for a garment that was sustainably produced?

Olga: I’ve decided to answer these two questions together as my answer will be similar to both of them.

I recently read an article that said: “‘Green’, ‘eco’, ‘sustainable’ and the rest are nice, but meaningless, ‘feel good’ marketing terms”. “Not buying clothing is the best for the environment, buying second-hand is second best, and buying eco-sustainably designed clothing is certainly third best”.

Writing these lines I am not saying anything against environmentally conscious designers, on the contrary, I greatly appreciate their work and I am ready to pay a bit more for a piece that treads lightly on the environment, but before buying new things I first think about these three steps and then decide if I really need new stuff.

Boxers by Emporio Armani Underwear / Photo ©Icarus Blake

CBK: You travel often, and I’m sure you’ve noticed problems with pollution, water consumption, and poverty… Can you tell us something about your experience?

Olga: I can’t say much about that yet because I am discovering it and learning about it myself. What I can say is that spending time in countries like that made me realize that there are so many people who live with much less things than we have and they are still smiling and happy. We are so used to always thinking that we need more and more and more that we don’t even realize how we have become so material and superficial completely forgetting about our real needs! As was said once by Gandhi: “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed”.

CBK: Do you think that the world’s governments are doing enough to solve the problems?

Olga: It’s not just the responsibility of the government; it is a personal responsibility for each and every one of us. We need to understand this and change our attitudes and way of life. In the movie “This is it” Michael Jackson said before singing his famous Earth song: “You know, this song, and Heal the World… Sometimes it makes me upset because I know I can’t change the whole world… But I wish I could… I wish I could stop war, and hate, and killing, and poverty, and homelessness, but I can’t…” The ultimate goal should be for everyone on this planet to understand the importance of change. As Gandhi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

All lingerie by Blumarine Underwear / Photo ©Icarus Blake

CBK: Do you believe that the fashion world is conscious of these issues? Or do you think it is a superficial, elitist world that cares little for the planet?

Olga: Of course they are conscious, we all are. But we prefer to pretend to not see, because like this it’s easier, right? It’s not their problem as I said before because they supply the demand of the market. The market works based on the demand, the higher the demand the more they must produce. We live in a society of high consumption. So the consumer must change first, as I said before.

Olga Serova was born on January 3rd in Võru, Estonia.
She is represented by E.M.A.
Make-Up: Maurizio Massari @Face to Face
Hair: Monica Coppola @Aldo Coppola

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