Snappy Fashion Accessories Made of LEGOs

Etsy shop Agabag sells beautiful purses, jewelry and lamps made entirely of the toy brick

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Photo © Agabag

Photo © Agabag

Everything’s coming up LEGO these days, it seems. The LEGO Movie broke box office records, LEGO female scientists made a huge splash, there’s even a company in Brazil making LEGO-compatible bottle caps. Is it any wonder, then, that LEGO purses, earrings, and cufflinks are now the hottest fashion on Etsy?

The Agabag shop on Etsy stocks striking, colorful clutches, purses, wallets, necklaces and even lamps made out of LEGO bricks. Each item is handmade by Agnieszka Biernacka in her home-based workshop in Krakow, Poland.

She says the idea started with jewelry: “It came obviously while playing with bricks with my daughter,” but soon grew to include larger accessories as well. The trick to the purses is making them flexible rather than rigid. “The actual bag is the brick outside, the inside is simply decoration,” says Agnieszka. To achieve this, she drills tiny holes in each brick, then beads them together. The result is a unique style that can accompany any look, from casual to formal.

Photo © Agabag

Photo © Agabag

Agabag offers bags in many different sizes and color schemes, including some classic designs featuring bricks plated with real gold, but the most popular item is the multicolor clutch for $180.

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