Treecycled Fashion

Ilaria was wrapped in xmas lights. Muriel plugged her in and she went up in smoke. Bring it on.

Story by Muriel Attias - Photos by Icarus Blake

Let there be Light Photo ©Icarus Blake

Recipe for Christmas Nymph Potion:
One tablespoon of red sparkles.
Half a Christmas tree.
One ounce mistletoe.

Christmas Kiss Photo ©Icarus Blake

A pinch of spice.
A dash of gold.
Mix together with a crazy fashion director,
a quirky model,

Facial Ornamentation Photo ©Icarus Blake

an extravagant stylist,
and a magnificent make-up artist.
Top it off with a creative photographer,
And let it settle for ten minutes.
Now drink and transform!

Metamorphosis Photo ©Icarus Blake

Fashion Designer: Muriel Attias
Make Up Artist: Chrytsal Soverosky
Model: Ilaria Manzin

2 Responses to “Treecycled Fashion”

  1. Joyce Iny says:

    I really like this Fashion Designer Muriel Attias, sinc i know her she brings me a new meaning my guard’s dress, she completely change my life . Thank you Muriel Attias

  2. Donna Cooper says:

    Muriel Attias has brought something new and exciting to the world of fashion. I am looking forward to seeing more of her creations!