Daylight Mourners

It seemed almost like a secret lost ghost world lingering in a busy modern metropolis.

Story and Photos by Jonathan Wiley -

Daylight Mourners Photo ©Jonathan Wiley

It was an absolute thrill to shoot a video at One Hanson Place. This building that was originally The Williamsburg Savings bank building completed in 1929, was until just recently the tallest building in all of Brooklyn. It is a Neo Gothic Art Deco architectural masterpiece. Stunning in its grand scale and incredible interior design, no expense was spared in its materials and it was obviously built with the great authentic European craftsmanship that is almost nonexistent today.

Daylight Mourners Photo ©Jonathan Wiley

The building has great acoustics and beautiful natural light variations all throughout the day. This place has that special atmosphere of a bygone era. There is celestial starry mosaic vaulted ceilings that boast a strong Byzantine influence, a grand scale mosaic of an old Dutch map of New York, amazing marble tile floors and columns, and brass and wrought iron details of animals and symbols that have elements reminiscent of the great sculptural reliefs of Greek and Roman artifacts.

Jonathan Wiley Photo ©Daylight Mourners

One Hanson Place is a Brooklyn cultural treasure not to be missed. Shooting our music video in such a glorious building with an amazing history and built with so much style and grandeur left with me with deep impressions and wonder of all the lives and commerce that have passed through the eighty-four years of its existence.

Daylight Mourners Photo ©Jonathan Wiley

It seemed almost like a secret lost ghost world lingering in a busy modern metropolis. Somehow it urges you to remember that although the outside world has changed, with its frantic, breakneck pace passing all around and through it at light speed, it still remains like some urban mirage, haunting the Brutalist Modernism of contemporary Brooklyn with a defiant superiority of sublime beauty.

Daylight Mourners Photo ©Daylight Mourners

Form and function working so perfectly together to elevate its visitors to spectacular new heights of perception of just how great personal artistic visions on public spaces can actually be, and how the future, and opulence, and optimism of then can still cast a taller shadow over now.

Daylight Mourners Photo ©Daylight Mourners

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  1. Wendy K says:

    Love the story of the making of the video and awesome photos!

  2. charlotte and Dovelyn says:

    The people are as cool as the building and Kim looks like a queen with herKnights in shining armor miss Dovelyn typed this! miss Dovelyn thinks Daylight Mourners are awesome !!!!