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We sort of just hit it off, and I wound up recording all sorts of stuff on a bunch of the album

Stefan Zeniuk, J. Hacha de Zola, Gato Loco in conversation with Citizen Brooklyn

We’ve shot videos with Gato Loco before, and I can assure you they are an interesting bunch. Stefan Zeniuk, bandleader of sorts (or Mad Scientist), has made some videos of his own… Check it out!

Tell us a bit about your collaboration with J. Hacha de Zola, musically and animation wise.
He brought me in last winter, on a recommendation from Matt Dallow, who’s also on a ton of the album, to record some clarinet parts on a song. We sort of just hit it off, and I wound up recording all sorts of stuff on a bunch of the album—I think 7 songs in total. He has a really open sensibility, and let me be very creative with his songs, so it sort of turned into a really mutual and easy process, very creative and collaborative. His album comes out January 8th, I’m really looking forward to it!

©Stefan Zenuik

©Stefan Zenuik

Did you work on the entire album or just the intro?
Yep, seven tunes. Also, Tuba Joe (from Gato Loco) came in, and is also on a bunch of the album. So there’s a real Gato Loco element on a bunch of these. This video is for the intro to the album, but the record also ends with a really beautiful instrumental track that features Tuba Joe really beautifully.

What inspired you to make a video for the intro?
I just had this image, when we were recording, of a woman crying at a funeral or grave site. J. Hacha had already put together some other great videos for the album, and our aesthetic approach was very in sync, so it just sorta made sense. I made the video, I think with a different ending, and we bounced around ideas, and decided to have the little corpse creature come alive at the end and sort of joyously bounce away.

©Stefan Zenuik

©Stefan Zenuik

How’s Gato Loco doing?
Good! We’re getting ready to begin work on a new album this winter.

Are these animations just a hobby of yours, or do you have some vision for the future?
Nope, they’ve turned into something completely collaborative with my musical side. One feeds the other. I’m still developing my craft, techniques and style, but hopefully in the next year I’ll be able to produce something bigger and longer. It just takes time. I am getting more ambitious with each video and trying to push myself as much as I can. This is definitely my favorite yet.

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