End of the World Blues

CBK EXCLUSIVE: Berlin band “The Nice Music” composed a very cool piece of music, “The Last Blues”, exclusively for our Christmas cover.

Monologue by Teo J. Babini - Photo by Icarus Blake

You know these days… These days you don’t see too many smilin’ faces. No, these days everyone walks around with their heads down, all gloomy and depressed, and you might think to yourself… Why? I mean, apart from the whole post-apocalyptic situation in which we currently reside. Why can’t we move on? And everybody’s got a theory. All those head shrinkers and super scientifical cats. From biologists to scientologists, psycologists, philosophical socio-paleontologists. Some say it’s the change in climate, others say it’s all some great unforgettable trauma. But you know, I got to thinkin’ and theorizing myself one day, and came to the conclusion that folks have lost their god-given ability to see the jazz in life. Now, don’t get me wrong, jazz left the mainstream consciousness way before the bomb dropped, but you could unconsciously catch that rhythm all over town in kitchens and back alleys. People just need to find that natural flow. Take Melody for instance. A blind cripple with dark shades and a cane, but when that little girl lets loose that raspy voice on the corner there… I mean… That’s jazz, baby. And we all got it in us, every single one of us… The name of this naturally occurring tune, you ask? Well, for me, I think I’ll call it the “End of the World Blues”. Listen to The Last Blues by The Nice Music above.

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