Turbo Times

There was a cool air in the night and I was excited to see my boys. So I headed to the Cake Shop on the Lower East Side for the first show and entered into a night of complete debauchery.

By Jack Gary - Photos ©Teo J. Babini

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It was a Wednesday in April and my friends the Turbo Fruits, a raw garage rock band, were coming in from Nashville to play a few warm up shows before they started their tour with Deer Tick, a successful folk rock band. There was a cool air in the night and I was excited to see my boys. So I headed to the Cake Shop on the Lower East Side for the first show and entered into a night of complete debauchery.

As I arrived, I was greeted with a bottle of suds by the guitarist, Kingsley, and we headed downstairs to meet the rest of the band. The Cake Shop’s basement and live music area is very dungeness, but it would do for a few beers and catch up with the fellas before they went on. They let me know they were playing some new songs from their forthcoming album “Butter” to be released on Kings of Leon’s new label Serpents and Snakes Records in September.

Turbo Fruits Photo © Teo J Babini

As the show started, the energy was pulsating in the place. I felt the guys had fun performing except when Kingsley unplugged his guitar in the midst of a face melting guitar solo. Afterwards though, the band really thought the show was shit and were eager to redeem themselves the next night. So we took a round of whiskey shots, packed up the gear into the Turbo Van (makeshift tour bus), and headed out in the rain to a local pub to enjoy some more brown water and ice cold beer. Dave, the bassist, left us at this point with a fine young woman to “get a good nights rest”.

The other band mates and I headed to a bar closer to my apartment. As we entered, the bartender noticed Jonas, the lead singer, and knew his music. She promptly lined up four brews and bourbons and kept ’em coming. So after five rounds, it was closing time and we could barely stand. Luckily, the bar was right below my apartment.  As we got to home, spirits were high and we decided to smoke a joint and try and get some sleep, but all did not go so well…

Kingsley Brock, Guitar & Vocals, Turbo Fruits Photo © Teo J. Babini

My blowup mattress was out of batteries. Jonas decided to sleep on the deflated mattress leaving Kingsley and Matt to fend for themselves. This became an issue with Kingsley, seeing as he had already called the couch. So Matt was teasing Kingsley that he was going to share the couch with him and at five in the morning Kingsley snapped and the fists were flying. The fight was quickly broken up by Jonas and I, and, in the end, they hugged it out and put the animosity to bed. It was now six, and I had to be up for work at nine-thirty the next morning. It would not be very pleasant.

As I awoke, my head felt like someone was pounding it with a hammer and there were bodies sprawled out all over my apartment. To put it lightly, I did not want to go into work, but I had to lock down this model for a photo shoot I was organizing. By the grace of the fashion gods, at eleven I had the model taken care of and was giving permission to go home and straighten out. As I got back, my senses were starting to come back to me. My place smelled of booze and weed and the guys were starting to rise.

Jonas Stein, Lead Vocals & Guitar, Turbo Fruits Photo © Teo J. Babini

We decided to get some breakfast and coffee headed to a shop in the East Village. Then we headed to Tompkins Square Park to relax a little bit and catch up. Dave, with a smile from ear to ear, finally showed up from the night before and was excited to discover that his new lady friend was going to be cooking him dinner that evening. After the park, we walked around the village for a bit and I had to head back to work to finish the day.

After work I hit the L train to Williamsburg for some basketball, food, and, of course, more booze. Nick, Jonas’s buddy from high school, was looking for his basketball, so Matt and I decided to grab some Gatorades. On our way to the local bodega, we witnessed a man pull another guy out of his van and beat him to a pulp. By the time we got out of the bodega, the block was surrounded by cops and we booked it back to the apartment were the rest of the band was already across the street shooting hoops. We fooled around on the courts and then headed to a restaurant for some Asian food and some pitchers of beer.

Dave McCowen and Matt Hearn, Drum and Bass, Turbo Fruits

It was time for the show at Death by Audio, and the band was getting in the zone to play a good show. This time around the show had even greater energy levels and the crowd was really into it, bringing Jonas shots on stage between songs. Once the show finished, we packed up the gear, and headed to the bar, once again, for more drinks. We didn’t close it down this time, but three of the band members did find nice soft beds to sleep in with there lovely new does. So it was Kingsley and I, wobbling back to the East Village at three in the morning to get some sort of rest before he left in the morning for the Stone Pony in New Jersey to kick off their tour.

Let me tell you that the L train is a real bitch at night time and we had to wait thirty minutes before we could make it back. So we ended up getting back around four-thirty and with another joint to smoke we didn’t get to bed until five. Thankfully, the couch was uncontested. The next morning was a little easier than the last, but still not fun. Everyone reconvened the next afternoon at my place and headed out on the open road. I would miss my friends, but was ready to recharge the batteries and get back to normal life after spending the past couple of days partying like a mad man.

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