an innocent perhaps frightening trailer

He imagines a man, who imagines his wife burning for him at home…

Poem by Mark Petrie - mitya23@gmail.com Spoken by Florian Klein Photo by Icarus Blake Video by Teo J. Babini

cbk poem from Citizen Brooklyn on Vimeo.

on his doublewide’s deck             romantically fraught
he scouts trains              the skeletal tracks
vanish a mirage                 behind the trailer park

his view     a canvas split in two
the dehydrated      yellow grass field
the blue Mogollon sky    and as if inspired

the locomotive appears     and inside the iron face
behind the distinct light     he imagines a man
who imagines his wife burning      for him at home

a conductor in love with       a hearth somewhere
to fire-gaze watching          rather the space between
the flames the elusive air          perhaps ever intruding air

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