The Dainty Death

Poem by Tiffany Credle - tiffany@citizenbrooklyn.com Doodle by Katie Boyd

Doodle ©Katie Boyd

Sounds like water making its way
from gutters to ground.
The twisting, the turning,
churning tides of meaning.

Thoughts rushing and rushing,
no ease of flow,
twisting, turning,
rushing, churning,
ready to explode.
Veins pumping, heart throbbing,
soul aching, mind numbing.
So close,
yet so far…

pushing my way through current,
sinking up, floating down,
drifting away,
far from land.

Seagulls and sirens,
burned out bridges,
and ships without masts.
Close my eyes and the sounds get louder,
but it’s not real,
and I’m not there.

No water, just sand,
empty barren land,
desolate cups for parched lips,
dry drops,
the nothingness.

No water, no sea,
nothing to let go of,
nothing to keep.

Memories evaporate
like dew that was never here.
Drowning without water,
breathing without air.

4 Responses to “The Dainty Death”

  1. Shay Butta says:

    Very Vivid… I enjoyed it :3

  2. Tiffany Credle says:

    Thanks Shay 🙂

  3. Greta Pininfarina says:

    I love it Tiff! <3