Best of Instagram: Kevin Ornelas

I’m a bit of a vagabond when it’s comes to my Instagram. Being a native New Yorker I actually know when the city sleeps.

Interview by Citizen Brooklyn - teo@citizenbrooklyn.com Photos by Kevin Ornellas - kevinaornelas@gmail.com

Photo ©Kevin Ornellas

Tell us a little bit about your history as a photographer? When did you start and why? How have you developed since the beginning? Etc.

I honestly didn’t start taking my photography seriously until about 2 1/2 years ago. I was lost working a dead end job, feeling like a corporate robot going through the everyday motions. it never made me feel alive or gave me a sense of purpose. I wanted more. A career where my office was different everyday. I missed art. I missed creating. I wanted to live… Film/Animation was my major, and I wanted to get back into my craft. So on the morning of Jan.28 2010 I quit, and bought myself a camera. Having no real professional experience, I dove right in. And have been learning what not to do ever since…

Photo ©Kevin Ornellas

Give us some insight into your photography; what equipment do you use for shooting and post production?

My weapon of choice and my go to will always be my IPhone5 paired with my olloclip. Hands down best investment I’ve made all year! Couple that along with my photogene2 app, and I have everything I need to creating some interesting point of views.. But if i ever need to get my hands dirty..I’ll pull out my “Canon” 5D mark iii.

Photo ©Kevin Ornellas

When and where do you do most of your shooting?

I’m a bit of a vagabond when it’s comes to my Instagram. Being a native New Yorker I actually know when the city sleeps. I like to shoot late night during the week around 2-5am when the city is quiet and desolate. You can lay on the streets or jump onto tracks. The city is yours to play with.

Photo ©Kevin Ornellas

If this set of photos were a story what would it be? How do the photos relate to each other in your mind? Is there a purposeful mood or theme that goes deeper than the face value image?

If I could put my photos into a story.. It would definitely be trippy. I like taking photos that leave the impression of how the? did he get that shot? I want to leave you thinking about it. let the individual narrate their own story.

Photo ©Kevin Ornellas

Do you intend to expand on these current themes, or do you have other ideas in mind for the future?

I’m consistently inconsistent. So i dont know the odds, but I definitely have a few new series im working. One is  gonna span the 5 boroughs at specific  times during the day. So follow my feed.

Photo ©Kevin Ornellas

Tell us about your Brooklyn experience and how it has influenced your life and work.

Growing up in Queens, made Brooklyn my back yard. 12 years ago I had practically lived in the berg right off the L Monstrose stop when the neighborhood was not what you see today. I naturally I had the chance to watch Williamsburg/Bushwick reinvent it self through street art, coffee shops and creativity. Which inspired me to make a change in my life and start creating again.

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