Escaping Freedom

Story by Teo J. Babini - teo@citizenbrooklyn.com


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I met this wild, Bengally cat one time in the jungle, Tony. His cousin worked a magic show in Vegas and he told me to look him up if I was in the neighborhood. He was a B&E guy and although he looked like a big pussy, he was a lot more bite than bark. Funny thing about this bloodthirsty beast was that he was a somethin’ of a romantic, a curious one at that. One day it occurred to him that he had the hots for this fine female, only problem being she was behind bars for the long haul. That’s right, she was a lifer.


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So he gets this kooky idea that he’s gonna go and pay her a conjugal visit… Which isn’t exactly allowed. Next thing you know, boom, guys in the yard, rollin’ around with the rest of the gen pop. How’d he do it? No one knows. And the guy stands out, he’s not exactly discreet. I just feel like the COs didn’t wanta get into a confrontation with him. So he starts spittin’ game to ol’ girl and I guess they figured it’d better to let him in the cage then have him stalking around with the rest of the inmates.


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Tell me how this fella rolls in and goes straight to work on her. Her being stuck in their, she treats him like a king, lettin’ him lay around in the shade all day like a bum, givin’ it to him whenever he wants. Not to mention the guys getting’ free steaks. It’s a month long meal ticket, whoever said there’s no such thing as a free lunch never met this guy.


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Apparently, the warden was getting’ ready to cut him loose, but he never got the chance. Just like that, homeboy’s had enough of the sweet life, and he’s itchin’ to hit the trees and get back to business as usual. He gets out as easy as he got in. Scalin’ sixteen foot walls like the Houdini, king of thieves. And, as a final fuck you to the whole penitentiary, he cuts the video feed right before he vanishes without a trace, just in case he gets a yen for that little sex kitten of his again. Love, temporary though it may be, does funny things to a guy in a striped coat. And from what I’ve heard, he’s doin’ just GRRREAT!


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Story inspiration: Tiger Tests Life in Captivity, Chooses Freedom

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