Save the Planet, Kill Yourself

We don’t know shit, but we can speak about it and pretend among ourselves that we have intuitions and ideas…

By Max Power - Max.power@citizenbrooklyn.com


I don’t believe in god. I’m too stupid to understand it all. Maybe this is why I can still laugh at life. That’s all I got. The rest is useless, sad, scary and darker than the deepest ocean. Honestly, the only smart move would be to hold each other hands and jump off a bridge. Save the planet, kill yourself!


That’s an environmental discourse right there. We are a mistake in natural evolution. Self-consciousness is a mistake. We shouldn’t be aware of our selves, any more than a dog or a horse is.

So now we pretend we believe in something, that there is a reason for our insignificant lives, but it’s just not true. Sometimes nature tries shit and if it doesn’t work out, it just kills it and moves on. We are one of those mistakes and the shit will soon hit the fan.

We are all about to die and it’s actually fucking funny, because we don’t know what’s next and we don’t know what we can do to make the landing softer… We don’t even know what are we doing here.

We don’t know shit, but we can speak about it and pretend among ourselves that we have intuitions and ideas, and we that are busy and responsible, and that we love… Love? That’s even worse than god. If we are honest with ourselves and we observe our mind’s processes, we look so stupid. Monkeys playing drums, nothing makes sense.


I don’t want to sound postmodern here. It’s not about a trend or a way of thinking. It’s just the crude reality. We are not intelligent enough to get it all, and we are not able to not give a fuck about existence and just enjoy it, like a tree does or a moose.

When you see a child wobbling and you know it’s going to fail, it’s funny. This condition never actually changes. I don’t get why philosophy or art pretend not to be funny. As though you could separate life from its nature.


I believe in the creative power of irony and humor as the first way to overturn the law. What’s the law? The law is the death everything. Laws and street signs are needed when you don’t know where you are going. The law controls our fears and our judgments. The same law that we forget as soon as we fall asleep.

In our dreams we are free, free to suffer and free to do and say stuff that we want to do or say. I understand junkies, they are dreamers and in their dreams they are free. That’s all. They just don’t want to wake up.

It makes sense to me, fuck it, but, then again, there is actually a reason to wake up. That reason is to do another dull or stupid thing, with style, and have a laugh about it. You can’t laugh while dreaming. You can’t laugh if you are dead.


Now, defining what’s funny is practically impossible, but you can start by laughing at yourself. That’s a good start. You can also laugh at death and inspire millions of people. It’s easier when its your own death you are talking about.

The escape from depression and fear of death is not will power. Nike is wrong. It’s stupidity and fun. Too easy? Just try. Try not to give a fuck about something that is killing you. Imaging you have to tell your troubles to a kid that is dying and you want to cheer him up… This is how you should treat yourself… like a dying kid. Everything looks better after.

Max Power


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