Festival of Light

We were in Mumbai, India shooting for Vanity Fair. We were in unbearable heat all day and decided to visit the beach for some fresh air. The Festival of Lights (Diwali) was in full swing and thousands of people were walking the sand.

Festival of Light, Mumbai, India

Icarus Blake & Max Power
Editors in Chief

Lora Wiley
Managing Editor

Nancy Cooper
Finance Supervisor

Luigi Scarcella and Miko Sala
Art Directors

Ayodele Hippolyte
Fashion Director

Jack Gary
Editorial Projects Manager

Teo J. Babini
Senior Articles Editor

Christian Torres
Andrew Rodriguez
Editorial Producers

Lance Steagall
Technical Supervisor

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Contributors to this cover:

Vico LaCava / Closure
Vico does things for the story. This was good that one time, when she walked the red carpet in sparkly stilettos with her ten closest friends to the premier of her first feature film. It was not so good that other time, when she walked alone down the concrete corridor of cell block 3 in a dirty peacoat and dripping mascara.

Natalie McNabb / Only Seventeen
Lives and writes in Washington State. She loves the color red – red dragonflies resting on bamboo stakes, red wine in her glass, red flip-flops on her red-toe-nailed feet – and words that caress, tickle, irritate, or beat against her soul. Her writing appears in W. W. Norton and Company’s HINT FICTION, as well as various literary publications, and it has been shortlisted for The Micro Award, Glass Woman Prize, and Fish Short Story Competition. Please visit her at

Jose Valero /Seeing through Haring Photos

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