Alphabet Man

He does not have an email address and for him Facebook might as well be the title of a sci-fi movie.

Story by Icaurs Blake -

CBK Analog Photo ©Icarus Blake

Alphabet Man Photo ©Icarus Blake

Luis does not own a computer or an iPhone. He does not have an email address and for him Facebook might as well be the title of a sci-fi movie. I met him at the bottom of the stairs that lead to a bridge over the railway tracks next to Porta Genova station in Milan. Luis collects old wooden and metal alphabets once used in traditional printing shops. He keeps them in what looks like a random order on a fold-able table. But if you ask him about a letter, he will know exactly where it is and he will tell you about the street market or the old print shop where he found it.

He just loves to stand there, in the middle of the sidewalk, and talk ‘alphabet’ with passersby. He hands me a land line phone number and asks me to call him when I have some of the pictures I’ve taken. He explains he doesn’t have an answering machine and I need to call between ten and midnight. He will come whenever I want to get the pictures. I explain I live in New York, and it may be a while before I’m back in Milan. “Do you have old alphabets in New York?”, he asks with a grin. Maybe not. We shake hands and part ways. As I cross the bridge, I look at the palm of my hand: it’s dirty with old ink from a very old world.

Cursive Photo ©Icarus Blake

Math Photo ©Icarus Blake

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