Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams photo: Luca Babini

Broken Dreams photo: Luca Babini

Luca Babini: Editor in Chief (aka @acool55)
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Nancy Cooper: Finance Supervisor
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Contributors to this issue:

Nina Sinitskaya/An Essential Part of the World
Nina Sinitskaya is a self-taught twenty-six year old photographer from Kiev, Ukraine. It has been only a year since she has been doing photography as a full time job and she communicates it to people through the Grain Pixels brand.

Andrew Nigon/I believe in Magic
Andrew Nigon is an artist and educator working in Miami, FL and received his MFA from the University of South Florida in 2010. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and has been featured in The Miami Rail, Wonderland Magazine, Forbes and Vogue Italia.

Michele Beere/The Artist who Forgot
Born in San Diego, roughly fifty years ago. I’ve lived all over the country, as we moved every two years when I was a kid. That gypsy spirit never left, and, even after I was out on my own, I continued to roam around the country. I’ve been in the advertising business for about twenty-five years. I went to school at Humboldt State and majored in Journalism.

Eugenia Loli/Serious Art…Whatever that Means
Eugenia Loli originated in the technology sector, but she left that impersonal world behind in order to build new, exciting worlds via her art. Her collages, with some help from the titles, often include a teasing, visual narrative, as if they’re a still frame of a surreal movie. The viewers are invited to make up the movie’s plot in their own minds.”

David Kassman/The Spiderman Project
Born in Israel. He has spent the last 15 years of his life shooting photographs around the world.
He is teaching photography at Shankar University of Art, Tel Aviv.
Working with Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation since September 2007.
His works exhibit in gallery’s And museum around the world

Gabriele Tenhagen-Schmitz, alias Schiwa Rose/Inner Expression, Outer Exhibition with Schiwa Rose
Gabriele Tenhagen-Schmitz, alias Schiwa Rose, lives and works in Krefeld, Germany.
She began her career as a textile designer. She later became a painter exhibiting and selling her work. Years later, she discovered photography and found it to be the perfect medium to transmit her passions and creative emotions.

Jr Lutz/The Female Universe with Jr Lutz
Jr Luz started his career five years ago while living in England. Since then he continuously photographed the female universe, returning to live in Brazil four years ago to dedicate his life to the craft.

Jonpaul Douglass/Meme Status with Jonpaul Douglass
Jonpaul Douglass is a commercial photographer/director living in Los Angeles, CA. He grew up skateboarding and playing Nintendo. Jonpaul was never too fond of cameras during his youth but was always a generally creative person. He fell in the love with digital photography while attending film school in Central Florida. Most days Jonpaul spends his time creating for work as well as for play and he feels very fortunate that much of the time it’s tough to tell the difference between the two.

Christopher J./Love at First Shot with Christopher J.
Chris Rivera is from Camarillo, California (outer L.A. area)! He got involved with photography after a friend held a photography club in high school, leading him to buying his first DSLR back in 2011. After discovering the conceptual and fine art photography world in 2012, he never looked back. When he’s not taking photos of people in unordinary circumstances, you can find him being with his family and friends, or being out and about in nature!

Natascha Kwee/Larger than Life with Natascha Kwee
Natascha Kwee is a 21 year old medical student in the Netherlands with a huge passion for photography and surreal art.

Chris Kelley/Fibonacci X Photography with Chris Kelley (And Grissom)
Chris Kelley is a self-taught fine art photographer based out of Omaha, NE. Creating was always a top priority whether it was web-based design, painting, drawing and most recently photography. Something happened the minute the camera met his hand; a passion was ignited that launched a daily exploration into a medium he knew little about. Chris is humbled to be one of the humans lucky enough to have a passion that he truly loves with limitless possibilities.

Ecocapsule/Ecocapsule: From the Beach to the Moon
Ecocapsule has been designed by Nice Architects -a young architectural studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia. We are a small design team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals – Tomas Zacek, Sona Pohlova and Igor Zacek. We have experience from leading architectural offices such as BIG, Dominique Perrault, VenhoevenCS or 3XN. In the past few years we have become an integral part of Slovak architectural scene thanks to many of our projects and publications throughout the world and numerous accomplishments in international and local architectural competitions. And we are enthusiastically designing further.

Kasia Derwinska/Solitude is not Loneliness with Kasia Derwinska
Photography is my way of communicating with the world. In my work, I talk
about own experiences, thoughts, doubts, fears and hopes trying to reflect
my own life’s path. My work is an attempt to connect substantiality of the world that surrounds us with elusiveness of feelings and thoughts. For that reason I describe my creations as building a bridge between the visible and the invisible.

Myron Ropp/Rotten
Myron Ropp was born and reared in Bloomington, Indiana in ’54’. He has resided in Louisiana for 33 years. He has always been a story teller, but has only started writing them down in the last few months. Some are memories. Some are fabricated.

A.L. Crego/In an Eternal Loop: Street Art Gifs with A.L. Crego
“Gif art is fast, little and short, but at the same time, I try to use these characteristics to create an immersive loop that gets into the spectator’s mind and makes them think. Or not.”

Michal Zahornacky/Phototherapy with Michal Zahornacky
Michal Zahornacky comes from Slovakia. He bought his first camera in 2011 and since then it has become his passion. He has been doing photography on a professional level since 2013. His newest project is called Poems, on which he collaborates with Slovak poets. Later on, this series will be exhibited in Slovakia and also abroad. In his photographs you can always find people shown in a non-traditional way.

Thor Benson /The 2016 Election is Already a Farce
Thor Benson is a traveling writer currently based in Portland, Oregon. Benson has been featured in literary journals across the country, including: Black Heart Magazine, Empirical Magazine, The Conium Review, FictionBrigade, and more. He is also a freelance journalist for publications like Vice Magazine,, and Daily Kos. Benson can be found at a run-down whiskey bar.

Joe Sonnenblick /A Special Place in Hell
Joe Sonnenblick is an actor and writer, has studied under the tutelage of New York’s dope fiends, pushers, vagrants and women. Thanks to coffee and pot.

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