Photo © Icarus Blake

Photo © Icarus Blake

Icarus Blake & Max Power: Editors in Chief
Lora Wiley: Managing Editor
Teo J. Babini: Senior Editor
Greta Pininfarina: Fashion Director
Miko Sala: Art Director
Tiffany Credle: Senior Publishing Editor
Daniel Cardona: Graphic Designer
Luigi Scarcella: Graphic Illustrator
Matt Heidkamp: Editorial Producer and eCommerce Manager
Nancy Cooper: Finance Supervisor
ePublished by Kodezero NYC
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Contributors to this issue:

Eric Hill/Global Odyssey Series
Eric came to the realization that he wanted to spend some extensive time traveling after leaving North America the first time to go down to Peru with a few friends. Growing up he was raised as one of six children in a strict religious home. Growing up with a professor father they traveled extensively within the US, he always said from a young child that, some day, he would visit every country in the world. That first time while traveling abroad, he could see why he never felt comfortable following the religion he grew up with, he realized happiness and truth were not exclusive to the belief system he was raised in. These thoughts and ideas have led him to his current quest, to find that awesome exists in every country. Awesome in the form of happiness, adventure, laughter and the quest for something more.

Shane Rooney/It’s A Weary Day
Shane Rooney is a poet living in the ‘Live Free or Die’ state of New Hampshire. He has a BA in English from the University of Massachusetts. His work has appeared most recently in Black Heart Magazine and Wilderness House Literary Review. His first book of poetry is forthcoming from Ra Press titled Your Earth Killing Me.

Kelly Evans/Snowflake
Kelly Evans has been a writer for as long as she can remember, but is currently trapped in the life of a Business Analyst. She writes for pleasure, but is currently seeking ways to expose her work to a wider audience. Five years ago Kelly moved to Toronto, Canada from London, England after nearly twenty years away from home. She brought three cats and a teacher back with her; she couldn’t bear to leave the cats behind and she’s married to the teacher, who would have complained. She enjoys reading history and watching really bad horror movies.

Filippo ‘Phil Sick’ Anniballi/Lampedusa, An African Holocaust on Europe’s Doorstep
Italian writer, journalist, and performer, born in 1976. Grew up in New York, and lived between Italy, the U.S., England, and Canada. His stories and essays have appeared in underground magazines such as Thorazine, Catastrophe, and Vice Magazine. He worked for the Big Issue, and published Milingo Contro Tutti (2009), which was GQ Italy’s book of the month in July of the same year. He often appears in projects and short films (turbofilms) by Alterazioni Video impersonating himself and other dubious characters.

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