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Photo © Icarus Blake

Photo © Icarus Blake

Icarus Blake & Max Power: Editors in Chief
Lora Wiley: Managing Editor
Teo J. Babini: Senior Editor
Greta Pininfarina: Fashion Director
Miko Sala: Art Director
Tiffany Credle: Senior Publishing Editor
Daniel Cardona: Graphic Designer
Luigi Scarcella: Graphic Illustrator
Matt Heidkamp: Editorial Producer and eCommerce Manager
Nancy Cooper: Finance Supervisor
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Contributors to this issue:

Ozgur Kiyat/For One Empty Plastic Bottle
Ozgur Kiyat is a musician and a photographer living in Istanbul. He was born in Izmir and also lived six years in Brussels for his high school and college education. Photography has been a childhood passion for him and he decided to take it further to a professional level in the past few years. He has attended many photography workshops in Istanbul and Paris and currently teaching Introduction to Photography in his studio in Istanbul.

Maria Jain/Painter of the Desert
An explorer from Helsinki who finds inspiration in true stories. A winter swimmer, an occasional crafter, a student of life.

Joe Sonnenblick /Let’s All Go To The Movies (Popcorn Party)
Joe Sonnenblick is an actor and writer, has studied under the tutelage of New York’s dope fiends, pushers, vagrants and women. Thanks to coffee and pot.

PDW Photography/Let’s All Go To The Movies (Popcorn Party)
Patrice D. Waite is a NYC based photographer and videographer. Born and raised in Brooklyn Patrice, better known as Tricey, spends most of her time on the streets of New York capturing moments with her 60D. Never without her camera, she plans on traveling the world capturing every moment one snap at a time.

J. Bradley/Yelp Review – Bar-BQ-Bar
J. Bradley is the author of the forthcoming graphic poetry collection The Bones of Us (YesYes Books, 2014). He lives at

Raoul Beltrame/Yelp Review – Bar-BQ-Bar
Italian-french fashion photographer and videographer.

Thor Benson/Rant #1: Fuck That
Thor Benson is a traveling writer currently based in Portland, Oregon. Benson has been featured in literary journals across the country, including: Black Heart Magazine, Empirical Magazine, The Conium Review, FictionBrigade, and more. He is also a freelance journalist for publications like Vice Magazine,, and DailyKos. Benson can be found at a run-down whiskey bar.

Alexsey Kashtelyan/Rant #1: Fuck That
Alexsey Kashtelyan sprung out of his mother’s womb at the fall of the Soviet Union, and now lives the life of a starving artist in Tucson, Arizona. Please send him food (and drugs.)

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