Erotic Udon

Imagine eating in a small diner in the US with hundreds of playboy magazines for you to read.

Erotic Udon Photo ©Icarus Blake

We were in Yokohama. We came out from a business meeting, starving, and went to a small joint that served udon noodles. Just a bunch of workers grabbing lunch, making all sort of slurping noises, sucking single noodles down. They had a small library of comic strips: most of them pretty erotic. Imagine eating in a small diner in the US with hundreds of playboy magazines for you to read. A man was smoking, eating, and reading at the same time. We left and jumped in a minivan to catch the bullet train back to Kyoto. Shot with Samsung EXF2

Dragon Photo ©Icarus Blake

Light Reading Photo ©Icarus Blake

Lunch Break Photo ©Icarus Blake


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John Donau/Tetsuo Shadow

Italian dolomitic with philosophy degree, experimental innovator that plays with art and Ampex ATR102, prosecco lover that can eat a tuna and banana sandwich in NY, fly catfish in Detroit, roll crispy dogs in Berlin and bucephalus snakes in Shanghai if necessary, but prefers not to. Influenced by Futurism and Dada, European electronic and Afro-American music, and gives his blood to produce the first prototype of a new patent pending software for music that is growing in the imminent new version. His Chinese experience has inspired a cricket concert and

Filippo ‘Phil Sick’ Anniballi/Issey Sagawa: Japan’s Celebrity Cannibal

Italian writer, journalist, and performer, born in 1976. Grew up in New York, and lived between Italy, the U.S., England, and Canada. His stories and essays have appeared in underground magazines such as Thorazine, Catastrophe, and Vice Magazine. He worked for the Big Issue, and published Milingo Contro Tutti (2009), which was GQ Italy’s book of the month in July of the same year. He often appears in projects and short films (turbofilms) by Alterazioni Video impersonating himself and other dubious characters.

Lauren Matina/Geisha Tokyo Blues

Lauren Matina is a New York City based fashion stylist. She has styled for such publications as Downtown Magazine, Fashion Reverie, and Better Homes and Gardens along with Brooklyn based designers Epona Valley and H FREDRIKSSON. She has assisted on projects for Vanity Fair Italia, Spin, and InStyle. When Lauren is not styling, she loves to pursue her passion for international travel, design, indie film, haute cuisine, and her latest adventure, surfing.

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